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Why Choose Short-Term Rentals in Vietnam?

When everyone looks at Vietnam, the first thing comes to their minds is that it’s a cheap country, everything here is so much cheaper from the rest of the world, from food to clothes and the most important thing for foreigners is hotel. this is used to be true 5 years ago but now because of the property prices are a lot cheaper, Vietnamese people can afford to rent out their places on the short-term rentals market at a cheaper price. Furthermore, many Vietnamese who have a number of properties can’t use all of that, they accept to rent even at a lower price comparing to the market just to earn some extra incomes. If you are looking for an accommodation the next time you come to Vietnam, it may be worth looking for a short-term rental to live in. No let’s answer the question above, why choose short-term rentals in Vietnam?

Cheap – The price is much cheaper than staying at hotels!

Considering the price of a 4 to 5 star hotels in Vietnam you can usually rent a nice, luxurious villa or at least a modern 2 to 3 bedrooms apartment, of course with a comparative quality. The price is often cheaper because guests don’t have to bare many costs like minibar service etc. Short-term rentals and residential properties in Vietnam tend to be around great locations, near with the central city or famous sights and having all the amenities that you need. Or at least 8/10 amenities that you need if they are not on the next door or with less than 5 minutes walking.

Private swimming pools!

Let’s take a look at an other awesome reason to choose short-term rentals in Vietnam. A lot of the residential properties having a private swimming pool and near a fitness centre, which means keeping yourself healthy and relaxed while on your business trip or vacation. The important fact here is that quite often the locals who live in the same building don’t use such facilities. Of course, this will give you the feel of your own private pool and gym.

Live like a local!

Pretty much everyone want to be treated like a local when they travel, being known as a tourist often brings quite a few troubles. Of course, when visiting Vietnam you will not only find a hard time fitting yourself in because of the differences in weather, time, habits, culture and physical, but also you might have some troubles like scams. If you are however staying in a short term rental of a residential property then it will show people that you are different, it proves you know how to live in this country, you are not like other tourists who can be easily scammed. An awesome fact we found is that if a taxi is going to be picking you up from a residential unit where they know other locals live, they will more likely treat you like a local than when you step out of a 5 star hotel. You are less likely to have to deal with all the arguments and pain to get them to use the meter. They will just do it.

Having an empty place in Vietnam?

If you are having a place in Vietnam and left it blank for a while and would like to get some extra money every month, it’s a better idea to start working with Luxstay and put your property on the short term rental market rather than creating a traditional rental. If you are afraid of having no experience in this field, please don’t be so worry, that’s the reason why Luxstay is here. We have high expertise in providing the service so that hosts can sit back, relax and watch the additional money come into your wallets everyday. If you find this interesting, please check out Luxstay website and start making money with us.

Why Choose Short-Term Rentals in Vietnam?
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